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A teammate at St. Luke’s is much more than an employee. You’ll be working as part of a team to provide the highest patient experience found in the region. It means impacting lives of those who need your care, and their families. When you join the St. Luke’s team, you commit to providing the highest level of diligence, compassion, and attention at every impact point. To become a member of one of the highest rated healthcare institutions in the region, apply online now!

Through MyChart, you can immediately and securely access your digital healthcare records through a desktop or a smartphone app. That access includes current health issues and upcoming appointments, prompt notification of test results, medication, and instructions for taking each medication. You can instantly review your allergy list and immunization history, physical exams, and preventive care procedures. MyChart makes it easy to record day-to-day blood pressure, weight, and steps, by linking personal devices and apps such as Fitbit and Apple Health.
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St. Luke's Revolution Apex CT

World-class computed tomography

Best-of-Class Scanning. Livesaving Results.

When it comes to healthcare, we know you have plenty of options. St. Luke's Hospital is small compared to other hospitals in the region, but if you take a closer look, our patient ratings consistently outrank these institutions. While we do not currently provide services in all specialties, we have an impressive lineup of world-class providers with impeccable credentials in those areas where we practice. To unleash the full potential of our talent, we've brought online the fastest and most accurate computerized tomography (CT) scanner in the world.

CT is a non-invasive method of viewing organs, soft tissues, vascular structures, and bones using a rotating x-ray instrument to produce ultra-high-resolution images of the body.

St. Luke's Hospital is one of only two hospitals in the greater region to provide 4D imaging through the GE Revolution Apex CT Scanner. Our new best-in-class, low-dose CT unlocks images faster and in much greater detail, allowing our doctors to see:

• 99.8% of all heart blockages
• the entire heart, including its blood flow and motion, in a single heartbeat
• the earliest lung cancers in a single low-dose scan
• an entire brain scan in less than a second and a comprehensive 4D stroke analysis in less than five minutes
• detailed bone images
• sedation-free, low-dose scans of children
• ultra-fast full-body trauma scans for all body types

Lung Cancer Screening

The Revolution Apex CT is the most advanced scanner in the world. In the past, your doctor may have sent you to facilities in Greenville or Charlotte for a better CT. Not anymore. Doctors from Greenville, Asheville, Spartanburg, and Charlotte are sending patients to St. Luke's for the hallmark in high-resolution screening.

At St. Luke's, we prioritize providing patients with the most accurate images in lifesaving time. With the Revolution Apex CT, we scan patients experiencing chest pain and other cardiac issues, stroke symptoms, urologic issues, or trauma and get results back to the emergency department, surgeons, and other providers in minutes. And that translates into lifesaving, accurate diagnoses faster than ever before.

With our CT, we can scan entire organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas, and brain in one 0.28 sec rotation. That means decreased breath-hold time, significantly reduced radiation exposure, and your doctors get much more information from one scan.

When Every Second Counts

An example of how our patients benefit

With our previous CT technology, anyone presenting with a heart attack was likely transported to a regional heart catheterization lab, even though we knew that fifty percent of those receiving a heart cath would have no blockage. With our new Revolution Apex CT, we know within seconds, and without equivocation, who needs a heart catheterization and who does not. This knowledge may save the patient money, remove the need for transport, eliminate unnecessary procedures, and lower additional stress.

We deliver the highest quality, close-to-home care in the most cost-effective manner possible. Quality, access, and value are at the core of what we do.